Bayam Hospitality Sdn. Bhd.

Established in 2002, Bayam started its business by providing petroleum products and fresh water to marine vessels out of Tok Bali Port in Kelantan. Bayam expanded its business into providing ground handling support to oil and gas companies in Kota Bharu and Kemaman Supply Base.

In 2008, Bayam ventured into hospitality services which includes catering, housekeeping and medical assistance by securing a contract with a drilling rig operator in Vietnam. Since then, Bayam has served more than 20 clients. To support and complement its business, Bayam has a paramedic training centre in Kota Bharu and a hospitality training centre in Kemaman.

Bayam is currently servicing ExxonMobil, Sapura Kencana Energy and Talisman in seven offshore locations in Malaysia. Its also provides medical assistance services and supplies to Talisman,Victoria Production Services, Apexindo Drilling and ground logistic services to Schlumberger. 

The strong and dedicated team in Bayam has consistently delivered quality services and performance requirements which has earned the company several awards from its clients.